books purchased

Digital books bought on, will automatically be available in your own personalised reader app. This gives your company free hands in creating a tailor made digital library, containing learning resources and anything else your employees will need. Individually purchased books will be available only to the specific person they are intented for.


But that's not all. With your digital library, you can add a monthly Bookclub subscription. With Bookclub, you will get a relevant monthly catalogue of curated books for you and your employees. This means an app with a rotating selection og literature, changing each month and curated to fit your needs. The books are paid for by usage, meaning if your colleasgues only read a couple of pages, you only pay for a couple of pages. It's that simple. You can check out our catalogue for inspiration and each book marked with the "Bookclub Ready”-banner is available for the Boocklub.  


Now that your app is full of great literature, why not add even more content?  In this app, it is possible to upload multiple different types of media, such as videos, podcasts, employee handbooks and documents relevant to your company. This means you can create your very own digital library, with everything you and your employees need fitting into one easily accessible app. The content is curated for and by you, in order to create a relevant and professional learning environment that fits right in the pocket.